Pop In Service

A pop in service includes in home care for all domestic pets. Food and water will be topped up, any cage or litter box cleaning will be done.

Ideal for independent pets that have the freedom of the house and access to the outdoors.

£5.00 per day



Pet Sitting Service

Keeping your pet in his or her own routine is important but they also need cuddles too!

This service includes making sure all food, water and cages or litter trays are clean and topped up. It also guarantees at least one hour a day exclusively for cuddles and play time.

£7.00 per day


Specialized Service

For the furbabies that need that little extra attention this is the service for you.

Whether it’s specific medical needs, extra time spent each day or you want text or photo updates daily, you can choose this specialized service to put your mind at ease.

£9.00 per day